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2012 Galaxy International Illinois and Wisconsin Pageants

PageantCast Gazette

I was lucky enough to be the master of ceremonies at the Illinois and Wisconsin Galaxy International Pageants held in the spectacular Bridal Elegance runway. Director Stephanie Piller has long been a friend of the PageantCast (nearly since we started the show) and it was a thrill to be able to pitch in for the event.

There was a wonderful group of contestants…each of which was worthy of the crown. After phases of competition including interview, photogenic, swimsuit, fashion and evening gown, the judges made their decisions and we were treated to a wonderful group of new pageant titleholders.

Miss Teen Illinois Galaxy International 2012: Rachel Barter

Miss Illinois Galaxy International 2012: Gina Melchiorri

(first runner up was Marcella Gillen)

Ms. Illinois Galaxy International 2012: Michelle Lose

Mrs. Illinois Galaxy International 2012: Christine Fascetta

Mrs. Wisconsin Galaxy International 2012: Jayne Black

Thanks to Jan and the Bridal Elegance staff for making the event so wonderful and we wish these wonderful new titleholders a great reign.

You can see all our photos at the photo page but to purchase AWESOME photos of the event, visit Jennifer Heim’s page.

Website of the Week: Bridal Elegance & Pageantry

PageantCast Website of the Week

I admit it.

It’s been FOREVER since my last Website of the Week. Like, more than a year. I ran out of steam.

2012 Teen & Miss Illinois USA
Tim with Stephanie at the Miss Illinois USA pageant this week

Which is why naming this site is all the more impressive. I just had to find a way to tell you about my friend, Stephanie Piller, and her new venture with Bridal Elegance. Stephanie has been on this show before (as Daughenbaugh) and I have commonly stated that her on stage presence is without peer. She is simply one of the most stunning ladies to ever grace the pageant stage and she knows how to work it.

Now, Stephanie is working with Bridal Elegance to build a one-stop pageantry super store. Stephanie provides the coaching and training; Bridal Elegance brings you some of the greatest gowns and wardrobe in the Midwest to you with great advice and assistance. Talk about a one-two punch.

Give it a try…I’m sure you will have a blast with them. Tell them, Tim sent you!




Illinois USA Pageants

2012 Teen & Miss Illinois USA
Tim with Miss Teen Illinois USA 2012: Alexandra Plotz

Last night, November 20th, I hit the road for Chicago, Illinois to see the Miss & Miss Teen Illinois USA pageants. The production was fabulous and they had incredible contestants. For the Miss division, they had 83 contestants and five judges and for the Teen division, there was an inspiring 106 contestants and seven judges. I can’t imagine judging that many contestants (hey, but willing to learn) and know it had to be a difficult decision.

I saw some wonderful young ladies compete, but at the end of the day only one can win the crown at the end of the rainbow.


Miss Teen Illinois USA 2012: Alexandra Plotz

Miss Illinois USA 2012: Ashley Hooks

2012 Teen & Miss Illinois USA
Tim with Allyn Rose!

I’d like to thank Bev Turkowski for arranging for me to come to this marvelous event and for the gracious directors * for their wonderful hospitality. Please look through our photo gallery, as well, where you’ll see photos of the entire Miss Illinois USA class of 2012 and my encounters with the lovely Allyn Rose, Miss Maryland USA 2011; Zena Malak, Miss Illinois Galaxy International; Despina Ades, Miss Teen Illinois Galaxy International; Stephanie Piller, director of Wisconsin/Illinois Galaxy International pageants; Stacie Juris, Miss Teen Illinois USA 2009; Sarah Bertrand, Miss Teen Illinois International 2010; Ashley Bond, Miss Illinois USA 2009; Nikki Huber, Miss Illinois Earth; and lots of other friends of the show!

Along with the photo gallery, I did squeeze off two interviews that will be featured in a future PageantCasTV episode. They were done with the small camera, so I’m crossing my fingers that they turned out okay!

Photo Gallery

2011 Illinois Galaxy Pageant

2011 Illinois Galaxy Pageants
2011 Illinois Galaxy Pageants – Titleholders and Director

Ottawa, IL – A standing room only audience gathered for this year’s Illinois Galaxy Pageant. Under the new direction of past Ms. Galaxy International Stephanie Piller, the pageant has moved to Ottawa, IL at the Bridal elegance facility. A wonderful runway set up instead of a stage was the setting and excitement crackled in the air.

Taylor Parks, Miss Galaxy International 2011, was the master of ceremonies for the evening’s festivities. I was lucky enough to be invited to view the festivities and even recorded a few interviews during the afternoon. I was seated with Laura “Spicey” Buhmann, Miss U.S. Continental 2010. During the evening, we said goodbye to outgoing titleholders, Abbie Luther and Torrie Roberts. They also had a moment of reunion of past Illinois Galaxy titleholders that went on to achieve the International title: Stephanie Piller, Laura Buhmann, Jo-El Lacy, and Abbie Luther.

April Strong, long time member of the Illinois Galaxy team, came on stage to sing “Somewhere Under the Rainbow” to an enthusiastic and appreciative audience. The pageant ran briskly and efficiently throughout the evening. Backstage, those young ladies must have really been hustling to keep up throughout the evening.

For Teen, we had Despina Ades, Lizzie Presley, Kayce Patton and Montana Simmons competing. In Miss, we had Sylvia Leszanczuk, Brittany Whitaker, Zena Malak, Carissa Schumaker, Hailee Pecoraro, and Saryna Ritter were up for the crown. For Mrs., Sandra Marsteller and Lisa Simmons took the stage. The judges were stuck trying to figure out who should go home with the crown.

Scherrie Davis was crowned as Ms. Illinois Galaxy. Scherrie was selected without other competitors. Miss Congeniality was selected as Saryna Ritter by her co-competitors.

In the Mrs. Division, the new Mrs. Illinois Galaxy is Lisa Simmons.

In the Teen Division, the new Miss Teen Illinois Galaxy is Despina Ades.

In the Miss Division…

the first runner up is Sylvia Leszanczuk.
The new Miss Illinois Galaxy is Zena Malak.

Congratulations to Stephanie Piller!

Tim with the beautiful Stephanie Piller back in her Daughenbaugh days

Today I travel to the wedding celebration of Stephanie Piller, the new director of Illinois Galaxy Pageants and Ms. Galaxy International!

Now, you may know Stephanie as Stephanie Daughenbaugh, a strong pageant competitor for many, many years.

Congratulations to Stephanie and her lucky husband, Michael Piller, and thanks for inviting me to share in the festivities.