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PageantCast reaches 1000 interviews!

I was just working on some editing and realized that the PageantCast hit our 1000th interview recently. Here’s some of the show stats and fun facts:

  • Show started on December 19th, 2005
  • PageantCast has 558 total episodes; 345 audio and 213 video (some are both)
  • We’ve just begun working on identifying all the pageant systems that the contestants have represented, so I can’t give you numbers yet (future post) but we have heavily interviewed in the Miss America, Miss USA, International, Galaxy, Beauties of America, United America, America’s SUPER Pageant and Global United systems.

Highlights include interviewing:

  • 2 Miss Universes: 2009 – Stefania Fernandez, 2012 – Olivia Culpo
  • 11 Miss USAs: 1994 – Lu Parker,  2001 – Kandace Krueger, 2004 – Shandi Finnessey, 2005 – Chelsea Cooley, 2006 – Tara Conner, 2007 – Rachel Smith,  2009 – Kristen Dalton,  2010 – Rima Fakih, 2011 – Alyssa Campanella, 2012 – Olivia Culpo, 2012 – Nana Meriwether
  • 4 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen: 2007 – Maria DeSantis, 2008 – Caitlin Brunell, 2009 – Taylor Hanna Fitch, 2010 – Jeanette Morelan

and more all the time!

PageantCast 255

Jeanette Morelan, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2010

Jeanette Morelan, Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2010

This week’s show:

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Jeanette Morelan, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2010, visits the PageantCast!

Jeanette Morelan, Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2010

We are so excited to announce that Jeanette Morelan, the 2010 titleholder for Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, is coming to the PageantCast.

Oddly, Wisconsin’s only current national titleholder caught up with us from Orlando, FL to record our interview. (We hope to air on August 10, 2010 just before the national pageant.)

Jeanette is a very engaging conversationalist and I think all our listeners will enjoy listening to this great interview.

Jeanette’s platform is “The Power of ONE”, which aims to motivate and inspire people to realize that they have the power to dream, the power to believe in that dream, and the power to act on that dream. (from the MAOT website)

I met Jeanette at the Miss Racine (MAO) local pageant where I took the picture accompanying this posting. (You can find more of my photos of Jeanette at the photo gallery link I have below.) In person, she is every bit the lady you will meet on our interview.

Set aside August 10 for a great interview with Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2010, Jeanette Morelan, on the PageantCast.


YouTube: Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2010 Jeanette Morelan Anthem Thrashers Game

YouTube Theater

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen may be a long pageant title, but what it misses in brevity of name, it makes up for in promotion. MAOT 2010 Jeanette Morelan now sings beautifully at the Thrashers game. I love hearing the National Anthem and this is a very good rendition.

So, enjoy this version of the National Anthem.

YouTube Preview Image

MAOT Jeanette Morelan at Miss America . . .

photo from MAOTeen email
Jeanette Morelan

Join Jeanette Morelan, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen at the fourpoints magazine booth during the Miss America Trade Show on Wednesday, January 27th at Noon. She will sign copies of the highly sought after fourpoints cover from the Fall issue featuring her and the photography of Deb Knoske.

Join MAOTeen President Kim Parrish and Maine’s Director Deb Landry, authors of the children’s book The Snapdragon Princess on Thursday, January 28th from 2-4 pm for a book signing, at the fourpoints booth, Miss America Trade Show. The book will be available for a special price of $10. Get your free copy of the fourpoints special issue with Lee Meriwether, author of the foreword from The Snapdragon Princess.

Join the MAOT state titleholders on Friday at 3:30-4:30 at the Wilshire Room A and B for an official autograph event. Each contestant will have their headshots available for signing.

from the MAOT newsletter