Mary Stoker Smith, Miss Wisconsin USA 1996, ventures from Fox 6 to the PageantCast!

Mary Stoker Smith (picture from

Mary Stoker Smith, Miss Wisconsin USA 1996, is the newest anchor at Fox 6 News (which I watch dutifully each night). Mary is really a wonderful news reporter and rocks the news studio every night! So I just had to have Mary on the program.

Mary tells us about competing in Miss USA before the Trump era, breaking into television news, and what it takes to be success in either…and both!

Mary is such a wonderful and bubbly personality that I’m sure we could have recorded four or five episodes without any difficulty whatsoever!

You can learn more about Mary at her Fox 6 News biography page:,0,4136191.story

Make sure you tune in every night to WITI in Milwaukee and the Channel 6 news to see her on television. You’ll be able to hear her on the PageantCast when we premiere her interview on September 14, 2010!

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