Kimberly Castle, Ms. Canada Globe 2015


Kimberly Castle, Ms. Canada Globe 2015

  • Interview with Kimberly Castle, Ms. Canada Globe 2015


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Fight for Air Climb (Milwaukee, WI)

I am hoping to put together a team for this event this year. If you are in Southeastern Wisconsin, this is a natural, but anyone in the Midwest is invited. This year it will be March 19, 2016.

THE TEAM HAS STARTED! Join us at and don’t miss the fun!

The American Lung Association has the Fight For Air Climb in a number of cities with tall buildings of various sizes. The idea is to raise money for the Lung Association while reminding us all how scary it can be to be out of breath.

The U.S. Bank Building is Wisconsin’s tallest building and it is tall enough that it can get you out of breath, but even someone like me in “not awesome” shape can still make it. (Though it was scary for me!)

Tell me if you are interested by December 15th and I’ll let you know if we have enough for a team…and we’ll go from there!

Hope to see you there!

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